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Portrait or Personal Image - Donald R Curry

Carolyn and Don Curry operate Wildlife Trail Photography from their home in Townsend, Tennessee where they own Mountaineer Campground. Don, a retired Environmental Professional has been a student of nature photography for 30+ years. Carolyn, an Interior Decorator for many years has a special eye for capturing a perfectly composed scene. Their travels have taken them throughout the country in an endeavor to capture that special part of the natural beauty that surrounds us all.

Don and Carolyn have a passion for nature and the environment that is reflected in the beauty of their photographs. Nature photography is just one way they feed that passion. Their photography is not just about the photograph. It is also about enjoying the outdoors and capturing nature at that point in time and place to share with others. No artificial lighting or staging is used for any of the nature subjects. Each subject is presented in its natural setting just as it was found.

The photos herein are for your enjoyment.


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